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Hive Monitor Project

Finally got it working correctly!

Major problem was records had bad end-of-line signals that were upsetting the ftp process.   Also spent a lot of time sorting out byte by byte storage to flash memory to allow thea Sodaq to takesodaq hourly measurements and transfer once a day.

This shows the setup while programming – stuck to a cardboard lid!

  • Centre – Sodaq with GPRS bee attached    sodaq
  • Left – Solar panel
  • Right – top, onewire temperature probe
  • Right – centre, battery
  • Right – bottom, temperature/humidity sensor (currently not working)

Solar Hive Monitor

The Sodaq Moja Arduino-compatible board should be ideal for this application.  Designed for projects such as remote weather stations, it ought to be able to run forever on solar power and will upload data via the mobile phone network, obviating the need for an internet connection and power in the apiary – not always available.