Monthly Archives: August 2014


Had quite a bad sting reaction with severe hypotension and hives.  Photo doesn’t really do it justice, but probably should have used the EpiPen.  Will need to reconsult the allergist as my regime of regular stings doesn’t seem to have produced adequate tolerance.



The swarm control split on original hive had made quite a few queen cells, so I made an additional nuc with a couple of frames of bees with a cell. The larger hive is the original split (queen containing half) and on it you can see the solar panel running the Sodaq computer.

Almond pollination

robinvaleBus trip with the Doncaster Beekeepers Club to Robinvale to see the annual pollination event – 100,000 hives in amongst the almond orchards which were just coming into bloom – quite a sight.

Despite the name, the self-pollinating varieties of almond that are being developed will still need bees, just less of them. Both male and female flowers are present on the trees so that cross pollination between trees is not required and lower bee density will suffice. Beekeeper redundancy reprieved!



mielMissed the chance to speak to some beekeepers in Neufchatel on the ride from London to Paris – too tired to stop that night and they weren’t around the next morning.  But sampled honey from Mount Ventoux in Provence over the next few days and very good it was too. Light and floral, went particularly well with the croissants.