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This Season’s Grafting

22 out of 25 takes this batch and similar success last time!  I seem to have got the grafting technique reasonably worked out.  Still able to make a fool of things though as the previous batch I transferred to a too weak cell finisher and they must have been abandoned or got cold as they didn’t survive.  This time I’ve put half the cells in a stronger finisher and left half in the  swarm box.

As far as the cell starter, I’ve been using a swarm box and making sure it is strong.  By moving it from the originating apiary I can let it fly and ensure no loss of bees.

I’ll probably keep the swarm box going by converting it to a LaFerney/Clemens Beginner to Beginner system for the next batch.

Observation queen

queen and courtiers

A queen rearing instruction session produced a few spare cells, so we loaded them into the observation hive and let them hatch.  Good to spot the result. Pity about the photo quality, it’s difficult to get the lighting/reflection right, but you can see how much attention she’s getting.