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May 2016

stuartOnce again I organised the Flow Hive Course (No 2) with Stuart Anderson able to join us.  And more fantastic feedback from the participants who are thrilled and grateful to learn beekeeping.

March 2016

aw apiary2Hard to keep the apiary under control. I keep grafting and splitting and every time I turn aroundthere are a few more nucs needing a home. Sure beats losing 30% every year to varroa like the Americans.


February 2016

Requeening with Kqueen in postangaroo Island queens. The Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden bees had gone a bit feral and started unprovoked attacks on the unsuspecting gardeners.  So it’s queen in post2down to me to sort it out.  And did they let me know what they thought!.  Found 3 of the 4 queens and replaced (over a 3 day campaign).  The last one just shook out all the bees and left the brood over a queen excluder so the queen couldn’t get back.