Moonahbees Apiary is a small unit operating principally for personal interests and honey production. However, from time to time, small surpluses of bees (in Spring) and honey (in Autumn) are generated and available for sale.  See the Obtaining Bees link for further information.  Use the Contact link to make an enquiry about honey or bees.

An additional apiary has been established at RMIT Bundoora, where research into honey bee flight is being supported.  Out-apiaries at rural sites further afield in Victoria have been set up. Honey from other sources such as grey box and stringy bark will be harvested. The name Moonahbees is retained to acknowledge the earliest successes with the bees and their honey.

Moonah Honey

Mainly Moonah” honey is a light floral variety with an attractive “pruney” taste.  In its first year of production this won awards at the Melbourne Beekeepers Club competition.

About Me

I started beekeeping with my father in the UK in the 1960’s. This was before the dreaded Varroa made beekeeping much more difficult in most of the world (fortunately not Australia so far). Since taking up beekeeping in Australia, I have mainly concentrated on teaching and training beekeeping.  I also breed and sell a few queens and nucs.  I recently became one of the only two EAS-certified Master Beekeepers outside of N America and Canada.