Hive Monitor Project

Finally got it working correctly!

Major problem was records had bad end-of-line signals that were upsetting the ftp process.   Also spent a lot of time sorting out byte by byte storage to flash memory to allow thea Sodaq to takesodaq hourly measurements and transfer once a day.

This shows the setup while programming – stuck to a cardboard lid!

  • Centre – Sodaq with GPRS bee attached    sodaq
  • Left – Solar panel
  • Right – top, onewire temperature probe
  • Right – centre, battery
  • Right – bottom, temperature/humidity sensor (currently not working)

2 thoughts on “Hive Monitor Project

  1. M. Lyon

    Would you be willing to share your SODAQ code? I’m interested in doing a similar project. Thanks in advance.

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, delighted to. Apologies in advance for my amateur coding! I will send code by email. Also, you have spurred me to update the website with details of my progress – the kit is on the hive and worked fantastically until the battery ran down after a few days – I need to relocate the solar panel so it points at the sun and implement some interrupt code to conserve power.


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